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Here you'll find dark contemporary-fantasy, morally questionable protagonists, vengeful teenagers, fae, and traumatic situations that will take my characters years to process. 



Dark Fantasy/Academia WIP



Book 1: Currently Drafting

Key Themes: Religious Trauma, Fae, Revenge



Short Story

"The corpse was green. Charlie had never seen a corpse before, much less one with skin pigmented like limes and eyes black as onyx stones. They stared at her, glassy and empty, void of whatever life this thing had. Because it was not a person Charlie was looking at, she decided. It couldn't be. People weren't green and they did not have wings."

Image by Phoebe Strafford


The Forest Has Secrets

Short Story

"She wanted to be brave. She wanted to change the world, one dead beast at a time. She wanted to be a savior of realms.


She wasn't any of those things. She was eight-year-old Gwen, stuck in a tree. All she could do was watch."


God's Judgement

Short Story

"I wonder if I look in the mirror for long enough, will I find God? Does He exist in the bruises under my eyes, in the stitches across my skin? Does He live in the corners of my damaged mind, stuck between the fractures like a parasite?"

Image by Allef Vinicius
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